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The Deputy Mayor of Xiamen visit Changjiang

On May 20, Deputy Mayor Huang Xiaozhou led a number of leaders from Xiamen Municipal Government Office, Industry and Information Bureau, Torch Management Committee, Taxation Bureau, Statistics Bureau and other relevant departments to visit Xiamen Changjiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Zhuoming, general manager of our company, and Li Xiujuan, head of finance, accompanied him. Deputy Mayor Huang Xiaozhou carefully learn more about Changjiang Electronic's operation status and production of Changjiang Electronics, follow by the current challenges facing from the production and operation by General Manager Wang Zhuoming. Deputy Mayor Huang Xiaozhou gave advise on the challenges, and asked relevant departments to coordinate, communicate and solve it in a practical way. By strengthening the assistance of the enterprise, a positive environment was created to promote the rapid development of the enterprise.

























Deputy Mayor Huang Xiaozhou paid attention to the work report

























 Deputy Mayor Huang Xiaozhou visited the production line

     Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Changjiang Electronics has quickly established an epidemic prevention emergency team to obtain the latest information on the epidemic situation, formulate an epidemic prevention plan, and adopt a series of safeguard measures in advance. Changjiang Electronics adopts the anti-epidemic policy of careful, practical, strict control, and flexible care, and strives to properly control “the entrance and safety net” and warm the heart of the people, and implement the epidemic prevention





















Employees put on facemasks during work






















Changjiang Electronic Epidemic Prevention Publicity Materials

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