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Social Responsibility

Leifeng Month Volunteering Repair Event

    In the early spring of March, the bright "Volunteer Red" can be seen everywhere, which not only warms people's hearts, but also shines the light upon the culture.


    During March 5, 2022, "Leifeng Day" Xiamen Changjiang Electronics Volunteer Repair Team once again joined hands with Huli District Xianglu Community Party Branch of Xianglu Phase I and went deep into Xianglu Flower City Phase I to carry out volunteer repair activities.


     Community residents participated enthusiastically, and came forward to the scene with defective small appliances such as rice cookers, induction cookers, electric fans, and high voltage cookers. The engineers patiently inquired about the problems with the household appliances brought by the residents, and used their expertise to repair the various items.

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