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“The end, is also a question of the birth of things”That is to say, the end is the beginning,Therefore, the fifth day of the fifth lunar month is called the Dragon Boat Festival.

In the upcoming annual Dragon Boat Festival, Xiamen Changjiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. once again joined hands with Mufeng social workers to host the heartwarming "Dumpling Fragrance" event. Early in morning, our volunteers have started to package the rice dumplings. With a loving and caring heart, we paid our visit to “FuLe Homeland” located in Xiang’an District once again.

A group of friends from FuLe danced with joy upon our arrival.   

The sense of ritual of traditional festivals is something that cannot be missed. As the saying goes: “One Dragon Boat Festival a year, one year old and one year healthy”. Our volunteers and friends from FuLe have joined together to make small Dragon Boat Festival Rice Dumpling ornaments. With the help of our volunteers, many beautiful ornament works were being crafted. Seeing the self-made handicrafts, all of them felt a sense of fulfillment.

How can we miss the tasting of the delicious Rice Dumplings after the art and craft of the ornaments? Next, we started to distribute the Xiang'an rice dumplings. A mouth of the Rice Dumplings with a sip of herbal tea is so satisfying!

This event not only passed on the traditional culture and values, but also brought joy and spiritual consolation to them. This has enriched their spiritual life and allowing them to feel the warmth of the big social family.


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